Alan’s historic drum kit stolen!

The Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit that Alan used when recording with John Lennon and Geroge Harrison was stolen from a locked storage locker in Newcastle, Washington. Gigi and Alan White have sent Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound a check for…

Seattle Times profile of Alan

Alan White, who now lives in the Seattle area, was just another struggling young English rock ’n’ roller when, one night in September 1969, he took his position behind the drums with his band Griffin at the matchbox-sized Rasputin club…

with Alan, summer 2019

John Walsh Interview

On the eve of YES’ 2019 Royal Affair Tour, Alan’s drum tech, John “JW” Walsh, sat down with Roman Guzman for an in-depth interview covering John’s career and life on the road with YES. The interview runs about 30 minutes….

The Stories behind YES and John Lennon

It’s one of the great ironies in Alan White’s career that he came to fame in the shadow of the drummer he replaced in Yes, Bill Bruford. In a way it was neither musician’s fault — Bruford was considered, after…

Together In Peace

“I am excited to be a part of “A Musical Journey: Together in Peace” project collaborating with hundreds of musicians worldwide. In a divided nation and a world of unrest, music can be a unifying force feeding our souls and…

US Summer Tour 2016

After enduring intense back pain which began halfway through YES’ spring European tour, and  working with European and American doctors, spinal specialists, exploring optional treatments, I’ve had no choice but to undergo surgery to repair an injured disc in my…

For Christopher

Time passes Change is ever present Challenges and laughter Friendship true to heart Memories hold the test of time Linked by choice or circumstance Family is forever

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