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  • Greetings,

    I have had in storage a rare radio interview with AW and Chris Squire. It is from 1981. The interview is a BBC production with the late Tommy Vance hosting. While, I’ve posted on my FB page and on you tube, I did not want to impose it directly on your or any official ‘Yes’ site. I’ll leave you to decide if it is something worth posting. I’m sure you’ll agree, its a lovely dialogue with lots of laughter and positive energy. The tape was in good condition, just needed a little enhancing in my studio, which I took care of. I generally don’t make a point of one-dimensional correspondence through web sites of notable people. That said, this is a poignant piece of ‘Yes’ history and so warrants an exception. Furthermore, with CS and TV no longer with us, I thought it appropriate and fitting to share this with you. Lastly, like AW, I’m from the UK, though been in NJ for 22 years. I am a multi-instrumentalist and composer. I hold a commercial pilot certificate and fly per diem. That’ll do for now. It would be nice to receive a reply, but not required.


    Cheers, Chris.

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