US Summer Tour 2016

After enduring intense back pain which began halfway through YES’ spring European tour, and  working with European and American doctors, spinal specialists, exploring optional treatments, I’ve had no choice but to undergo surgery to repair an injured disc in my lower back. I’m pleased to announce a very positive result from this procedure, which took place in Seattle.
With some rest and physical therapy, I should be back in good form and ready to rejoin the summer YES tour in the near future. I’m eager to be on the road with the band but also need to ensure my recovery is complete before doing so.
Until I’m able to rejoin the tour, my good friend Jay Schellen will be performing with the band and keeping my drum stool warm. Please welcome him to our YES family; he’s doing a great service by stepping in at the last minute so as to not disappoint everyone hoping to see YES music performed live this summer.
Please know that I’ll be back as soon as physically possible and looking forward to taking my place on stage with the band.
Thanks for all your well wishes and support.

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  • Take it easy Alan, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    • Alan, I wish you the best and fastest recovery. We have met backstage at several of your concerts through the years, and I even drove you from the airport to your hotel in Atlanta once. I happen to work in the medical device industry and am deep into work with a revolutionary non-invasive therapy for addressing musculoskeletal pain and speeding recoveries. If you want to learn more, contact me. It’s a game changer and is being used by pro athletic teams across the country and globe. Cheers, mate!

  • Being a drummer and the recipient of three back surgeries I feel your pain Alan. Get well soon.

    Hopefully you can be on the road by August 12 where I was anticipating meeting you after the show Meet & Greet. It was a 34 anniversary gift given to be by my son who knew you were the inspiration to my drumming. But as life throws us curve balls from time to time my only wish is that you fully heal with no complications, to get back on the drum throne and continue to play more great music for all to enjoy.

    Be well…………………..

  • I hope your able to make the show in Lewiston NY. I don’t know if you remember after a Buffalo show a few years back ,some jackals stole your lama fur jacket. I’m one of the police officers who recovered your jacket. My partner and I will be attending the show and hope to cheer you on. Get well .

  • Missed you tonight in Atlantic City. Jay was great, but he isn’t you!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Alan,
    Hope your doing well and your prognoses is good.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you on the road soon.

    Be well…….

  • Stephen Balaban on

    I have seen you with yes for over 35 years. Get well, get rest and make a slow restful recovery. My thought go out to you.

  • I was at the Olympia in Paris last spring. Didn’t know at that time that the back pain made you suffer. The concert was one of true magic moments in my life. I hope all is getting better now with you and wish you all the best !!!

  • HI…hope all well…..sorry to ask…are you playing the Las Vegas show…?????????…seen every show since Tales…Spectrum Philly….way back when….

  • Hello Alan. I admire you for your quiet dignity, and the way you never quit on Yes. You make me feel like the seventies never left us. I think you are the greatest drummer in Prog history! Get well soon and get back on stage!

  • Get well soon. With you and Chris out, I just couldn’t go to the show but I look forward to seeing when you are healthy again. Thank for the many, many times I have seen you over the years. Cheers, Alan

  • Hi Alan, greetings from Texas. I saw YES on Aug 31 and Sept 2. Jay did a great job and I will be so happy to see you back at the skins on the next tour. I was so looking forward to seeing you play both Tales and Drama, both of which had YOU as the original drummer. I hope your back will be feeling better! Please tell Geoff, Billy, Steve, & Jon that we’d love to hear all of Relayer and Tormato next!

  • Hi Alan. I’ve often read of a connection Jon Anderson had with John Lennon. You played with them both, can you share any experiences you might have had with them, or stories they might have shared with you.

    I am knowing perfect health for you. Knowing the pains are gone, and to know you’ll resume your drum duties soon.

    Kenny Rice

  • I hope your back is doing well… Have a great Christmas!

  • Hi Alan,
    Last month, I saw you perform “Imagine” as a guest drummer to Geoffrey Castle’s band. Having followed you for over 35 years, this was a delight and just AMAZING to see you play that song. Seeing you come on/off stage showed you’re still recovering from surgery, so hope this goes well. All the best and hope to shake hands with you again soon.
    The Dutch drummer….Alfred.

  • Sheila Cornbill on

    Good luck Alan get well soon x

  • Te queremos mucho. Cuidate

  • Hi Alan my name is Tom Corrao a full-time Drum Teacher from the Chicago area. I purchased a block of tickets to Yes 8-19-17 concert date in Elgin IL. I plan on taking some of my drum students to the show and was wondering if you would have a moment pre or post show to say a quick hello to the students.

    Thank you,


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