For Christopher

© Pat Terrell. Used by permission

© Pat Terrell. Used by permission

Time passes
Change is ever present
Challenges and laughter
Friendship true to heart
Memories hold the test of time
Linked by choice or circumstance
Family is forever

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  • He will never be forgotten. He was bigger than life itself. There will never be another rhythm pair like you and Chris.
    I feel so blessed that I got to see so many shows with Chris since I was 14 in 1972.

    God Bless HRB a truly beautiful man

    • Chris is the DNA of yes. It explored many types of music, be it classical, rock, jazz, new age and everything between. His parts would make me pump my fist. In his softer music I also got the great sense of emotion. Know yes, and you knew Chris on some level.

      My best,


  • My Father passed the day after Chris I also lost my Mother and my Aunt the month of June. Wish I could have known Chris personally…He seemed like a real kick in the ass.Do you remember that Promo show at TOWER RECORDS in Sherman oaks?..CHRIS WAS FEELING NO PAIN THAT NIGHT.Iwas gonna ask you at the meeting and greet but thought better of it . I’m glad you guys chose Billy to fill in ,he is the only choice really.

  • Alan,
    It’s been my pleasure to have known you and Chris over the years.

    It’s difficult to grasp that it’s been a year already.

    The two of you had a unique relationsip… the band and hence everyone else benefitted as a result.

    Again, my deepest sympathies.


  • I agree … I’ve seen YES over a dozen times since I was 16. Had the honor over time of interviewing Chris (twice), Jon Anderson, Eddie Offord, Alan White and Bill Bruford (also twice). Life-changing band for me. And, a bassist, Chris was a huge influence. He will be remembered!

  • Still hard to imagine the world of music, the world of bass, without him. I kind of just refused to absorb the reality of it back then.
    Here we are a year later and I still feel like he is alive. It feels better that way. Peace

  • I listen to YES and hear his voice and still can’t believe he was taken from us. Love everyone NOW while they’re still here! Life is so fleeting!

  • Still heartbroken that he left this world far too soon. His talent and musicianship are unsurpassed. I listen to Yes since I was just a 11 year old kid. Chris Squire was the heart and soul. I often listen to the music which will continue until the end of time. Nous sommes de Soleil. <3

  • MikeBaileya.k.a. Wonderousstories on

    My first show i saw yes at the cow palace in S.F.june 25 1975. I was 15. I have been to @ 80 or so and counting Yes Shows. Godspeed Chris.”To be Over”. do’nt think so. Yes has just begun.

  • This world is so full of love and appreciation for Chris and all of you, Alan. I refuse to think of him as gone – we don’t die – we’re eternal beings kicking about in this physical time-space reality, and together we make one. Chris is still very much part of that ONE, and I believe his consciousness is still right here with all of us, especially with you and his family.

    Let’s not be sad because we miss Chris – let’s all smile because we know him, and because he’s smiling with us (or giving us that “grin” of his)! Let’s try to keep our vibrations high as we think of him, so we’ll be aware of our true connection with him.

    Thanks so much, Chris and Alan, for leaving such a wonderful legacy of virtuosity and innovation, and of a rhythm section that, like John said above, will never be surpassed (although you and Billy will no doubt continue to grow into something wonderful in your own rights)!!!!!

    Much love.

  • This is a beautiful tribute. He gave me, and more importantly the whole world, so much joy that will resonate for generations. Long live Chris!

  • Alan – words cannot begin to express the sorrow I feel for you losing your rhythm partner after all of these years. Chris made us all smile. You and Chris played the rhythm section that I listen to the most still to this day. He was a sweet man, and like you was always nice to me when I would see you at concerts, etc…

    May his memories bring joy to all who miss him so much – especially you – his brother in music.

  • An exceptional musician and an exceptional man. It’s perhaps a cliché to say we’ll never see his like again but he truly was a one off. I’m just glad that I lived in the same time as you guys and I’m heartened to see Billy help keep the music of Yes alive.

  • Alan i never saw Yes Live unhapely but i’ve all discs,cds, dvd all midia, but i can’t adimitt YES without Jon and Cris is not YES and many fans like me didn’t aprove a fake of Jon actual singer.Real YES Forever !!!!

    • Jon Davison is the real thing and a great vocalist. He really does respect the material and the legacy of Yes.

  • Your soul we’ve seen your song we’ve heard, you move our hearts and feet
    The joy you gave the love you shared;
    “Til once again we meet”

  • Lovely, Alan. Let’s all remember the good times, the music and the humor over these many years with Chris. I’ll see my old friend again one day in the south side of the sky.

  • A year ago today we lost a brilliant musician, Chris Squire. This was a profound loss to the music world. He is sorely missed by even those of us who did not know him.

  • Beautiful words Alan. I can’t believe its been a year already. 20+ concerts over the years and I would never have seen enough of Chris’ infectious smile, mischievous eyes and extraordinary bass playing. Hearing his voice, his music, makes me smile, gives me joy and hurts my heart knowing he is gone from our world.

  • Stuart Chambers on

    Alan, all I can say is that Chris would be very proud of the way you have handled his passing. You and Chris were a class act together, and you continue to be a class act within the new YES. Fan for life.

  • Alan, thank you for the heart felt words to us about what is the way of things. We are sad for you as well because you carry the love and loss of Chris. And Yes, Chris would be proud. Yes is not just a band, Yes is a place and your helping us all stay there.

  • I have always loved Yes! I saw Yessongs 15 times when it first came out. Chris has been, and always will be my favorite bass player of all time.

  • I first saw the Chris & Alan rhythm section up close on the ” Close To The Edge” tour in 1972.You really meshed really quickly,and were rhythm section partners for so many wonderful years.I saw you at the same venue a couple of months ago on the recent Yes ” Drama/ Fragile” tour.
    Billy was remarkable in taking Chris’s role on bass.RIP Chris.

  • I’m not even a bass player but rather a guitarist who as a young boy was so impressed by Chris’s use of the pic. A guitar pick! I loved his first solo record and play the spots off of it when it first came out. You could hardly call him a trend setter, because no one ever took his style, technique, and incredible music to the next level. So, in that sense he was a unique, irreplaceable voice.

  • Hi Alan. Followed your impressive career from way back. Fan of everybody you’ve played with. Memories are piling up – Chris S ((was present at his wedding reception back stage at Crystal Palace Bowl (launch of Close, with Lindisfarne, Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel, Jon McGoulghlan’s Mahavishnu Orchestra etc). Chris and the band in Charles I regalia, complete with velvet outfits, ruffs and sabres – wonderful. Fond recollections and great to know you’re still giving pleasure to mere mortals like myself. Spooky Tooth my all-time faves – bet you rate Kellie, Harrison, Grosvenor at al too! PS We were born on the same day 14 June 1949 – what time did you pop out? Paul Curran ( ).

  • couple of Lads there! look out! He was like the Britush Jaco to me (a bassist) no one sounds like him! he took the role of the bass out of back grnd,back row into a co leader,melodic contributor, a bit McCartney- esque ‘suppose! the real thing a straight up MoFo! saw u both in Toronto @ the old Maple Leaf Gdns w/ all the top guys of your Outfit..packing heat Bro!! at one point , Jon A introduced,in his weirdly hi voice…
    “Hello Maple Leaf Canada”! & held up a Leaf’s Jersey..we sort of groaned at each other a little.. teenagers!But
    as the $6000 dollar man myself, the after surgery exercising, rehabitation, made the diff between success and just dwn time! sry to prattle on,safe travels Sir! cheers- jp of Toronto

  • Alan have followed your career because of our time as young kids playing in local bands . Remember playing Spennymoor Town Hall with the Down Beats .You were like me very young along side the old guys like Kenny Potts . ? Was never suprised you made it . . Just watched Lennon Documentary “Above us only sky “. .Stay healthy we are no longer the kids ?

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