US Summer Tour 2016

After enduring intense back pain which began halfway through YES’ spring European tour, and  working with European and American doctors, spinal specialists, exploring optional treatments, I’ve had no choice but to undergo surgery to repair an injured disc in my lower back. I’m pleased to announce a very positive result from this procedure, which took place in Seattle.
With some rest and physical therapy, I should be back in good form and ready to rejoin the summer YES tour in the near future. I’m eager to be on the road with the band but also need to ensure my recovery is complete before doing so.
Until I’m able to rejoin the tour, my good friend Jay Schellen will be performing with the band and keeping my drum stool warm. Please welcome him to our YES family; he’s doing a great service by stepping in at the last minute so as to not disappoint everyone hoping to see YES music performed live this summer.
Please know that I’ll be back as soon as physically possible and looking forward to taking my place on stage with the band.
Thanks for all your well wishes and support.

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