Music Matters Gala: 70k For Music Education!

PIF-6-VIP-LAMMusic Aid Northwest, of which Alan and Gigi White are founding members, held it’s sixth annual Play It Forward Gala on Saturday, March 19, at the Triple Door in Seattle, Washington. In addition to his duties on the board of directors, Alan took the stage once again with Cherry Cherry as they paid tribute to Neil Diamond. He was joined by his daughter, Cassi, who is a percussionist as well.

The gala raised over $70,000, which will be distributed though the grant process established by Music Aid Northwest and Washington Music Educators Association.

Music Aid Northwest provides funds to help music programs around the state purchase and repair music instruments and other supplies needed to keep music programs running in our public schools.


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  • I was trying to get this guitar signed to help the kids with cancer at Mary Bridge childrens hospital before June 11th 2016. I am the organizer / creator. I can drive up to meet you Alan, can you help? Steve Lynch, Roger Fisher, Jerry Miller & Rick Knotts so far have.
    I can be reached at 253 620-0180

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