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At the Coach House with the Chris Squire Experiment. © 1992 Pat Terrell. Used by permission

It has been harder than I can say to put thoughts to words—to express the sense of loss I feel upon the passing of my cherished friend and band mate, Chris Squire.I am without one of the most important, most loved people in my life. I always called him “Christopher”; it was his formal name and a term of endearment that I hope conveyed my respect and affection for the man who was always a gentle but strong leader; a steadfast rock of my existence.

Alan and Chris at the Hammond Organ during the sessions for Magnification.

Alan and Chris at the Hammond Organ during the sessions for Magnification.

Partnered together for forty-three years as the complicated rhythm section of YES, throughout the years and in so many ways he was my true brother; the one I never had. He was the driving force in YES from the beginning and I admired his passion.  Striving for musical perfection, he set the bar high for himself and expected nothing less from the musicians around him.  With deep conviction, even through occasional differences of opinion, we were united in our belief of YES music and the need to keep it alive and interesting. Through good times and hard times, we were kindred spirits, I had his back and he had mine. We shared a sometimes unspoken communication, it was something we just knew and understood. We were relentless in our quest to create meaningful music that would live on with or without us—I just never expected to be without his company at this early time in our lives.

It will be more difficult than I can imagine to perform on stage without looking at that imposing pillar of strength alongside me. He will be missed the world over but none is greater than the loss in my heart. He is no longer a fish out of water, he is free and swimming in the big ocean now.

Gigi and I want to thank all of our dear friends who have left voicemails, sent emails and cards, and given us tremendous support through this difficult time. There are too many to respond to individually, but please know that we have listened to and read each and every one of your messages and greatly appreciate everyone who has reached out to us. We are truly blessed with love and friendship.

Our thoughts are with all the Squire family members and loved ones—you are in our hearts and prayers.

With love,


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