Alan's basic kit is Ludwig's "Super Classic" series, supported by Gibralter hardware. Alan uses Zildjian cymbals & Remo drum heads.

    Kit details include:
  • kick drum- 22"
  • snare- 14" brass
      (dating back to 90125 days)
  • toms- 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16"
  • cymbals (all Zildjian)- (2) 15" crash,
      16" crash, 17" crash, 20" ride,
      17" Oriental trash, hi hat: 13" Quick beats
  • heads- Remo Clear Emporer
  • snare head- coated CS (control sound)
  • sticks- Alan White signature sticks
      (Zildjian model Z4A)
  • misc. hardware- Axis double pedal,
      Gibralter hi-hat, crotales
Alan with his Ludwig kit
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Alan's kit augmented with new toys from Roland Alan's kit augmented with new toys from Roland
Alan has augmented his kit with a new bunch of toys from Roland, including a TD-10 Percussion Module and PD-80 pads. Alan can use these tools to trigger a variety of sampled sounds.

The pictures at left were taken by Alan at his home studio, prior to leaving for California.

Orlich Percussion Systems
In addition to his Ludwig kit, Alan is also the proud owner of a unique system developed by North Carolina artist, John Orlich.

Constructed of hand-blown glass and fitted with custom, solid brass fittings, the art deco-style kit is on display at Seattle's Experience Music Project.

For more information about the kit, contact:

Orlich Percussion Systems
210 East Driftwood Street
Nags Head, North Carolina  27959

John - 252.441.9233
Rob - 540.723.9858

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